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My aim is to share beautiful creations, and in turn, promote their creators. I will always provide a source, or if possible, reblog directly from the source. If you find something of yours here and would prefer it wasn't, please send me a message.
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Joseph Albert

Moving out of the Crooked House

Domestic [Bombay] cat eating a House Sparrow she brought to the home of her owner.
[Mark Marek Photography] [Predatory Behavior of Cats]

Coprinopsis atramentaria. Also known as ‘Tippler’s Bane’ due to being poisonous when consumed with alcohol.


Constant Puyo

Lost Profile, no date

Fresson print

From Impressionist Camera: Pictorial Photography in Europe, 1888-1918


White Scarab Beetle (Cyphochilus insulanus, Melolonthinae)

by Sinobug (itchydogimages) on Flickr.
Pu’er, Yunnan, China

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Just a sketch. I’ve much bigger work from last semester and my winter class but I’ve yet to clean them hahaha whoops I’ll get to that soon, guys